Top 10 Alternative Christmas Songs

Every year the same ancient festive tunes are relentlessly played on TV, Radio, and for many, including myself, at work; where the thought of having Christmas every day or having to hear Mariah Carey wail one more time becomes living hell. There are however numerous of bands in the ‘alternative’ scene who have taken it upon themselves to provide some kind of respite from the boring and overplayed usual songs. This list features, in no particular order, my favourite Christmas songs and contains both covers of classic festive tracks and original tunes.

  • Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are) – Lower than Atlantis

Taking on board the classic feel of Christmas and its chances to celebrate with friends, family or perhaps a chance for quiet reflection of the year passed. This LTA track from 2014 with its festive bells is as close to a traditional Christmas song as this list will get.

  • All I Want for Christmas is You – My Chemical Romance (Mariah Carey cover)

Everyone’s favourite ‘emo’s’ covering one of the biggest Christmas songs out there. An odd combination for sure but one that hits the right spot changing jangly bells for shredding guitar and wailing vocals for a punk snarl.

  • Christmas at 22 – The Wonder Years

I’m sure everyone in their early 20’s has had felt the feelings this song espouses, of coming home for Christmas after University, college or working away, and your hometown and friends haven’t changed and you can reminisce for a short time how simple things used to be before adult hood.

  • Last Christmas – Jimmy Eat World (Wham! – Cover)

Another definitive Christmas record with a pop-punk twist. This time Emo legends Jimmy Eat World take on Wham!’s classic Last Christmas with a more upbeat and ‘jangly’ tone the songs sounds like it would fit right into their seminal ‘Bleed American’.

  • X-M@$ – Corey Taylor

Focusing on the corporatisation of Christmas, everyones forced involvement and the oft tackiness this is a true ‘fuck Christmas’ festive song from the loud mouthed front man.

  • Yule Be Sorry- Fall Out Boy

Another anti-christmas song by the princes of pop-punk; it’s simplistic acoustic instrumentals driving the hatred and venom fuelled lyrics.


  • 12 days  of Pop-Punk Christmas – Jarrod Alonge/Sunrise Skater Kids

Sunrise Skater Kids are perhaps one of the best music parody bands out there, and their contemporary take on this classic carol shows this perfectly. With gifts including numerous snap-backs, vans as well as the obligatory pizza this would defiantly be every pop-punk kids dream Christmas

  • Same Time Next Year – Creeper

Another less than cheerful festive track from, the horror punks in Creeper. This tune released earlier this month focuses on that particular person or people that you bump into each winter and you see how much they’ve changed, for better or for worse.

  • Little Drummer Boy – Christopher Lee

Yes, that’s right, Christopher Lee; of Dracula, Saruman, and Count Dooku fame, amongst many other things, is also a heavy metal musician, beginning the project at the ripe age of 88. His boomingly deep baritone fits well with this classic Christmas Song whilst his band shred and blast beat their way through a thoroughly enjoyable reimagining.

  • Happy Holidays, You Bastard – Blink – 182

Perhaps not one to play to your nan over Christmas dinner….


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