Interview with New Volume

Hi I’m Madi from Mind Noise Network, how have you been?

Tyron: All good thanks. Adjusting to being back to normal life after the tour. Definitely feeling the after tour blues at the moment.

Ryan: Hi Madi, all good thanks, just finished tour a week ago so have been getting a good rest!

Adam: Hey!

How has tour been for you?

Tyron: The tour was incredible. It was a beast of a tour but we had the most amazing time from start to finish. We got on super well with Blessthefall and Our Last Night. Those dudes and their crew were amazing to us. We met some amazing new friends and fans and can’t wait to get back on the road.

Ryan: It was really an amazing experience, we have never done a tour that long and every night was a full house. We made many new friends, members of the other bands and fans. Obviously we had the odd unfortunate hiccup, like getting our motorhome tyres slashed and losing our vehicle keys but things like that are bound to happen on a schedule like that.

Adam: It’s been an incredible tour and we are so great full to be playing in so many different countries over these 6 weeks. We have made such good friends along the way and it honestly feels like the crew and fellow bands are family now. We manage to visit places we only ever seen on postcards and the reception we’ve received has been unbelievable.

Which show has been the most memorable for you and why?

Tyron: I’d have to say the most memorable and best show for me was Paris at the Moulin Rouge. It’s such an iconic venue, the show was sold out and the crowd were unbelievable. I remember at one point during our set, looking out into the crowd and just thinking “it doesn’t get better than this”.

Ryan: To be honest there were so many but Munich was definitely a favourite of mine. I think because it was only the second show of the tour and one of the biggest, it felt really special to me. Prague was also one that sticks out in my mind, it may not have been the biggest crowd but they were so incredibly loud and pumped that it did make for an awesome show.


Adam: So many stood out for different reasons but if I can I could I would have to boil it down to 3. Paris because it was the Moulin Rouge. An icon in itself but also because we were in the heart of city. From the layout of the theatre type venue to the reception we received from the very first chord. Prague stuck out amongst others as the crowd was the loudest crowd we’ve ever played to and lastly London would have to be up the A’s one of the most memorable as it was the last show of the tour. We had our families and closest friends there to welcome us home but we also had to say goodbye to the friends we made on tour. The Garage in London will always be memorable for us as we saw our very first ever London show there roughly 12 years ago after moving from South Africa. We left with our jaws on the floor after seeing Underoath completely crush it and after that it’s always been a special place for us to play.

What’s your favourite/funniest memory/memories of being on tour?

Tyron: My favourite memories of the tour is when I take a couple seconds during the set to just soak in the atmosphere and what’s happening. Being able to play shows every night to new fans in different cities is such a dream come true and something we don’t take for granted. That feeling will live with me forever no matter how big or small we are.

Ryan: For me it was all the crazy banter we had with the band Blessthefall. They all had such a great sense of humour, very similar to ours actually, so there was never a dull moment. One night in Milan we all laughed so hard Beau their singer nearly puked in a dustbin. True story.

Adam: My favourite part of being on tour is that every night I get to do what I love to do with my best friends. Nothing beats being on stage and the chemistry shared between your band mates. Exploring new places is always one of my favourite things to do. I love grabbing a coffee and just heading out taking pics.

Now who would you say you’re inspirations for your music are?

Tyron: Ahhh it’s always hard to say who inspires us. We all listen to such different music but I tend to find inspiration in bands that sound nothing like us. As a songwriter, I appreciate any well written song so anything from pop to hard rock inspires me. I find most inspiration comes from real life events and then finding a way to put that feeling down sonically.

Ryan: We all have such a wide array of taste of music individually. From rap to rock to pop to indie so it’s hard to really pinpoint exactly. To sum it up we have always been and always will be into ‘good songs’. Obviously where we are right now, we’re into a lot of blues and eighties bands and bands such as Depeche Mode, The Black Keys and Linkin Park, but we are also into great pop acts such as The Weeknd and The Killers.

Adam: I personally get inspired not by who but more by experiences I have. Coming off a big tour like this I feel inspired to create better songs. Create new sounds that are unique and make people feel a certain way.

Where did the name New Volume come from?

Tyron: I wish we had some amazing story about how we came up with the name but I think the first 10 names we had were already taken. It’s hard to come up with a name nowadays as you have to be geeky and think about search engines and if someone else has taken it already. New Volume was one of the names that resonated with all three of us and it felt like a suited the direction we were going in.

Ryan: Adam saw it in a cosmetics shop while shopping for beauty products with his girlfriend. We were all currently trying to think of a new name at the time and that one was the only name that felt right to us.

Adam: After coming up with every conceivable name I gave up thinking. Walked into a cosmetic store in Wimbledon and saw an ad on a poster that said the words new volume and after that I couldn’t get it out of my head.

What is the best way to describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

Tyron: I’d describe our music as dark and sexy, a hint of soulful blues melodies and huge choruses.

Ryan: Sexy, dark and broody.

Adam: Alternative rock with seductive melodies charged with soul and a blues feel.

If you could only recommend one of your tracks to someone, which one would it be?

Tyron: I would recommend “One Touch” as an introduction to us. It was the catalyst for our album ‘Envy’ and was the track where we found something that felt like our own.

Ryan: My favourite track off our last album is definitely ‘Turn Off The Light’.

Adam: One Touch

What would you say your band motto is?

Tyron: We don’t really have one but I think our motto would be “We don’t give up”. The three of us have been playing music together for about 14 years and we still love what we do and always push ourselves to write the best music we can.

Ryan: We strive to always put on the most professional and entertaining show as possible.

Adam: Be positive, stay professional and play with passion.

Are there any bands you wish to play with in the future?

Tyron: I’d love to do a tour with Imagine Dragons, PVRIS or The 1975.

Ryan: I would personally love to tour with Fall Out Boy, I think that would be a great tour for us.

Adam: Pvris, Imagine Dragons, Depeche Mode

Have you got any plans for after tour?

Tyron: Now that tour is over we are going to finish writing the next album and then head into the studio early Jan to get it finished. We hope to have the album out mid next year.

Ryan: Definitely going to be putting some new songs together and hopefully get a new album or EP out before mid 2018. We also plan to tour tour tour, we have only just gotten started!

Adam: Write new material.

Brilliant. Look forward to seeing you next year. All the best.

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