2017 Recap: Roam – Great Heights & Nosedives

GHANRoam – Great Heights & Nosedives

Release Date: 13th October 2017

Label: Hopeless Records

After seeing Roam live earlier this year (plus a DJ set in the same week), I was looking forward to their newest album – Great Heights & Nosedives. Their first album, Backbone, was an alright first atempt with some good songs, and so I was hoping to see some  improvements, and boy was I in for a surprise.

The album is amazing, and such an improvement from their last attempt. There’s a mix of classic and modern pop punk, as well as some inspirations from rock, alt & pop rock bands alike, and such a mix of songs I wonder if I’m listening to the same album when the next song comes on.

The more ‘classic’ pop punk songs like ‘Scatterbrained’, ‘Flatline’ and ‘Open Water’ have some brilliant instrumental work and the rhythm of modern pop punk songs of fast catchy choruses, slower verses and an even slower breakdown.

From the album, there are a few songs that stand out from the pack. ‘Guilty Melody’ is very reminiscent to 30 Seconds to Mars’s Bury Me in the chorus, and will be amazing to hear live. ‘Curtain Call’ starts off slower, but morphs into a louder rock song with some wonderful lyrics. ‘The Rich Life Of A Poor Man’ is unique with more spoken word style vocals and clearer guitar plucks, and finally their lead single ‘Playing Fiction’ is a combination of the things that make this album amazing. It has the fast paced, catchy chorus, a slower breakdown portion, a more spoken intro and some fantastic instrumentals.

What a transformation for a band in less than 2 years. From middle of the pack, average pop punk to future legends of the scene, I’m already looking forward to what’s next for Roam, and hope they play near me again soon!

Favourite Tracks: Guilty Melody, Playing Fiction & Curtain Call

Rating: 10/10

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