Interview with Unleash The Archers

Dave sat down with Unleash The Archer’s lead vocalist Brittney Slayes ahead of their Bournemouth show at the Anvil to talk the new album, how the band got started and how they relax on tour!

Dave: You kicked off the tour in Milton Keynes last night, how did it go?

Brittney: Yeah it awesome! It went really well, the Craufurd Arms is a really cool venue/pub so we just stayed there and drank until 4 am ha ha! The crowd was great it was full, they had loads of energy, knew the words! so perfect way to kick off the tour!

Apex came out this summer and is a little different as it’s a concept record. How did that idea come about?

Brittney: Right from the off I wanted to write a concept record and the guys jumped on board. I wrote all the lyrics, chapter by chapter (aka track by track) and then talked through the story explaining the mood of each section and what musical vibe we should go for. The story was built around the main character, whom we call The Immortal, and it just sort of grew around him. He was inspired by a character from a comic book series I’m reading right now,. but only in imagery! The story of Apex is that The Immortal was cursed at birth to serve whoever awakens him. The Matriarch is his master in this particular chapter of his life of servitude, and she tasks him with finding her four sons and bringing them to her so she can kill them in a ritual to achieve immortality. The album follows The Immortal while he completes this quest.

You brought Jacob Hansen on board to produce, what was that like?

It was amazing! Production was a big priority for us on andso we wanted the best. We recorded with Jason in his studios in Denmark. We were touring Europe last year and we spent three weeks in Hansen studios. We did an immense amount of pre-producing before we left, so the sessions went smoothly and the whole process was a blast really. We will definitely be returning to Jacob for the next record, if he’ll have us!

Apex is the first album you’ve done with bassist Nikko Whitworth, how has he settled into the band?

Brittney: He’s been absolutely brilliant brilliant. He’s a perfect fit for us, not only is he an amazing musician but he’s also amazing live. He has such wild energy which we love!

So for those who haven’t see you live before, what can we expect?

Brittney: We turn everything up to 11. So expect a load of energy, loud heavy musicc and to be very sweaty afterwards!

How do you relax away from performing?

Brittney: I love to read. I always go and buy a load of books for touring. I love books but i’m scared of losing them or damaging the ones I have at home so instead I go out and buy a load of cheap books so I don’t mind too much if I were to damage them.

This year marks the anniversary of 10 years of Unleash The Archers- that’s a big  milestone isn’t it?

Brittney: Yeah definitely, it’s gone by so fast it’s actually hard to believe! But to know that we’ve been together as a band for that long is pretty cool.

How did it start for you?

Brittney: It began when Scott, Brayden and I were in university; Scott and Brayden were playing in another band together which didn’t work out. Scott and I were dating and we called Brayden after to see if he wanted to do another project. Luckily he accepted and we went and found a bassist and another guitarist and we got onto a jamspot and it all took off from there!

Who are your biggest influences?

Brittney: For me, it’s always been about Iron Maiden and I think in terms of sounds and style probably the biggest influence of the band. Personally Bruce Dickinson was a bi influence and I still listen to Maiden a lot.  And there’s people like Geoff Tate, Daniel Heiman and Rob Halford, the main ones.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

If you want to say hi or chat or anything we always answer our messages on facebook so that’s the best place to get a hold of us J Lastly, if anyone is interested in our old albums or t-shirts or any kind of merch whatsoever we have our own Big Cartel store and everything is shipped out by me personally so, feel free to ask to have something signed haha! Thanks for your time!

You can buy ‘Apex’ as well as other merch from http://unleashthearchers.bigcartel.com/

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