EP Review: InAir – A Different Light


InAir– A Different Light

Release Date: 24th November 2017

Label: Self-Released

InAir have an “ever shifting” electronic rock sound, and in their debut EP, A Different Light, it shows a fantastic mix of classic rock sounds, and modern synths. On top of this, there’s a a showcase of good vocals and catchy instrumentals in some memorable songs.

Despite being only 4 songs, the EP reaches over 20 minutes long. Despite these long songs, there’s not a dull moment, as the Reading band has aimed to evolve their songs, and this shows with smooth transitions of old and new.

Their first song, ‘Rise Again’, has a great mix of raw guitar and drums, with modern synths and vocal distortion in the intro, which moves onto calmer lyrics and instrumentals. There’s a great parallel between the two rhythms, which seem to work well together as there is a smooth transition when switching.

Track 2, ‘Tonight Is Our Night’, has less distortion and has a more raw, rock sound. There is some good drum work during the intro, and much like the last song, the verses are much calmer compared to the rest of the song. The vocals don’t seem to fit the chorus’s heavy backing, but it isn’t too off-putting.

‘Bound To Break’ starts off soft, and is joined by an army-like drum beat and then a raw guitar sound. The chorus is a great mix of electronic beeps, and some sweet guitar work (easily the best instrumental work of the EP).

Finally, ‘Insomnia’ is the longest song, clocking in at over 6 minutes, and brings back the electronic intro which slowly builds into an awesome, fast-paced guitar and drum chorus. It all comes together with a loud, brilliant finish.

A Different Light is a good first EP, with some solid intrumental work and consistant vocals, even if they felt a bit disconnected to the backing sometimes. I can imagine that some of these songs would be amazing live – shame I missed them when they played High Wycombe last month.

Recommended Track: Bound To Break

Rating: 7/10

Facebook: inairband

Twitter: InAirUK

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