EP Review: Milk Teeth – Go Away

SnipImage.JPGMilk Teeth – Go Away

Release Date: 17th November 2017

Label: Roadrunner Records

Just a few months after releasing their first EP of the year, ‘Be Nice’, Milk Teeth are back with another four tracks on EP ‘Go Away’. It’s like they’re trying to tell us something.

The EP kicks off with ‘I Stabbed You First’. The immediate impression is “Ah yes, it’s Milk Teeth”. Seems obvious, no? Well when you have taken so much inspiration from Hole, Nirvana, The Distillers and so many other grunge infused bands it isn’t that easy to carve your own corner in a market filled with so much nostalgia.

‘Lillian’ follows and at just two minutes long it could struggle to have any traction but so much is fit into those two minutes. Tempo changes, shared vocals and a catchy as hell chorus. Impressive.

‘Nearby Catfight’ is track number three and stands out for me as the highlight of the EP. The chorus with harmonised vocals is a big draw and it overall just feels like a fun track that has a lot of potential live to be mixed up and enhanced.

Track four of four is ‘Big Sky’ and it starts off feeling like ‘Hibernate’ from Be Nice. It’s a slower track that has more in common with Kyuss than Hole. It’s a broody and powerful closing track. Another track that feels like it would be interesting live, though in a more atmospheric manner this time.

So the 2nd EP of the year from Milk Teeth sees them hold that consistency that they’ve built from Smiling Politely and Sadsack, through Vile Child and Be Nice and now here to Go Away. This group is in danger of breaking through in a big way. Get on board now.

Recommended Track: Nearby Catfight

Rating: 9/10

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