Album Review: Dissociates – A Capital Idea

22528972_10155868939353308_1596666156209922437_oDissociates – A Capital Idea

Release Date: 10th November 2017

Label: Safety Second Records

Genres are a bit overrated aren’t they? No? Well Dissociates seem to think they are and their new album A Capital Idea seems to discard the idea of boundaries set by said genres quite nicely. Their sound is based in punk and that is true for the most part, but this ten track album has far too much going on in it to be confined to a pigeonhole of a scene that seems ironically against progression and new ideas.

Kicking us off with Embers it’s obvious that these guys are more ‘Press To Meco’ than ‘The Clash’. The post-hardcore elements of melodies and harmonies mean the album is immediately accessible and Sweet ’16 continues that in what is one of the standout tracks from the record. It’s a track that, despite seeming to be about nuclear materials….in that it is about that, lyrically can speak to thousands affected by the current political and economical climates.

Music is about releasing yourself from the shackles of real life and that isn’t lost here. Drawing on inspiration from punk bands of yesteryear to the more indie style bands of the last decade or so this A Capital Idea draws on so many ideas and thoughts, though it does seem to keep coming back to trains…a symptom of living in a city where they’re so prevalent I guess.


Tracks like Atalanta keep the album moving at a quick pace and the closing track Radio Galway feels like a proper old school punk track that wouldn’t have gone missing in the late 70s/early 80s. A Capital Idea is an unexpected gem. It’s gritty and punchy, yet despite that is melodic makes you want to dance. Bloody punks, coming in here and entertaining everyone. World’s gone mad.

Recommended Track: Sweet ’16

Rating: 8/10

Dissociates are:

Dan, Ned, Julian, Dave


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