Interview with Dave Silver from Savage Messiah

Dave Silver from Savage Messiah

So, how has your day been?

My day has been okay, it’s been a little fraught because I you know it’s just one of those frenetic days, we had a day off yesterday and it always knocks my rhythm and then I’m like all over the place.

How has tour been so far with Cradle of Filth?

It’s been fantastic couldn’t have been better honestly. The shows have been great, lots of attendees. Many people, most people don’t know who we are and thats a good thing because we’re playing a different audience which is exciting for us.

I see your new album came out a couple weeks ago, how have the responses been from it?

Amazing, better than what we could’ve hoped for because it’s been 3 years since we put out a record. We’ve had a lot of changes: labels, managers, agents all that kinda stuff and it took us a long time to kinda get our house in order, so to come back with an album and a new label and you know, we’ve been getting some amazing reviews and it’s kinda, it’s nice because you always worry, you know you think you don’t do it for the reviews but you think ‘ah if this gets destroyed it’s gonna really hurt’ and it didn’t so that’s good.

Now I have to ask, where did the name ‘Savage Messiah’ actually come from?

Oh so it was sky television late at about 4 o’clock in the morning in 2007, I was watching TV and I was flicking through the sky guide and there was a film on called ‘Savage Messiah’ I didn’t watch the movie but I just thought it was cool and you know a quick google to see if there was any other bands and there was like okay there was a song by Arch Enemy but there’s no bands so like fuck it, great.

So who would you say the ‘savage messiah’ in the band is?

Oooh, Mira the bass player cause he’s dark and devious.

So who are you hoping to play with in upcoming years, or if you could play with any current or past band?

Well you would always choose this big bands like Iron MaidenPriest that kinda thing but then again those shows are blessing or can be a curse in disguise, it’s very difficult to open for, let’s say Slayer they have a very particular crowd, you kinda ah I saw Kvelertak open for Metallica and I love Kvelertak but it just it looked really hard for them I didn’t envy them.

So I’ve seen you’ve played Bloodstock a couple times, how does that feel going onstage at such a big festival?

Yeah it’s cool you know, it’s a really important festival in the UK, we’ve been lucky enough to play both the Second and the MainStage, so it’s you know it’s a great feeling to be invited to come and do it and it’s that 15,000 people it’s amazing.

Have you got any plans for after tour?

Yeah we’re gonna be headlining in April in the UK, we’re gonna be going to Japan in January, headlining the first time in Japan we’re doing a big festival in December and next year we’re gonna be doing a couple more European tours and festivals and I think we might be getting an American running, we’ve only been to America once it’s very difficult but we’ll see, we’ll try.

Sounds awesome, well thank you for this, good luck tonight.

Thank you, I’m gonna go loosen up before we head on, enjoy.

You can check out more of Savage Messiah’s stuff at: www.savagemessiahofficial.com