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Live review: Make them Suffer, Novelists and Cursed Earth – Key Club Leeds

In support of their latest album Worlds Apart, Make them Suffer have been tearing up the UK in their first ever headline dates over here. Bringing with them fellow Australians Cursed Earth and French metalcore act Novelists, it was set to be a night of heavy at the Key Club.

Kicking off proceedings was Cursed Earth. Despite a disappointing turnout, they absolutely crushed it. The songs of their latest releases Cycles of Grief Vol 1 & 2 sound even heavier and tight live than they do on record, and it sounded loud. The whole band gave it their all, with vocalist Jazmine Luders getting in the faces of the front row and screaming her face off. Definitely check this band out.

Second act Novelists filled the room out a bit more, but it still seemed a little bit empty. They played a set of tight and catchy metal core songs that the crowd down the front were definitely in to, but compared to the set Cursed Earth before it just seemed to lack the same energy and intensity. Not bad but not standout either

Ending the night was symphonic deathcore act Make them Suffer. Despite a disappointingly sparse crowd, they seemed excited to be playing and genuinely gave it their all. Unfortunately the crowd didn’t seem to have the same enthusiasm until the last few songs of the set, which is when they mostly played their old songs instead of anything off their latest release Worlds Apart. Disappointing for a band on their first UK headline tour, and especially when Thy Art is Murder sold out the Key Club a few weeks ago. Fortunately this seemed to be an exception, with the other shows on the tour having a much better response.

Overall a good night despite the lack luster crowd with all the bands on fine form, but it would be difficult for most bands to come on after a set as raw and powerful as Cursed Earth’s.

You can check out our interview with Cursed Earth here.


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