Album Review: Stormbringer – Born A Dying Breed

cd front-cover-onlyStormbringer – Born A Dying Breed

Release Date: 3rd November 2017

Label: Transcend Music / Attic Records

Originating in Northamptonshire, the release date of Stormbringer’s third album is fast approaching. Born A Dying Breed has everything that a successful heavy rock band needs, from driving drum rhythms to the thick velvety vocals of Jimi Brown.

The band fling the listener straight into action with track number one ‘Don’t Trust Me,’ which opens with a thick chordal melody line that’ll be bound to open up any mosh pit. The heavy drum beat creates a pulse which would be enough to make anyone want to get up and dance, overall it sets an incredibly good tone for the rest of the album. If any album proves that classic rock isn’t dead it sure as hell is this one, Track 3 ‘Pay Your Respects‘ contains a killer guitar solo which is bound to knock the socks off of anyone who has never listened to them before, the texture then instantly thickens as the driving hook comes back in one final time, this time louder than before and with such a strong guitar and vocal line that you’d find it almost impossible not to scream along the lyrics and head bang violently.

Track 4 ‘Through These Eyes‘ is that one song that you’d hear played across a festival site and instantly go to check out the band, with classic fast paced southern rock vocals and thick guitar riffs from Wallace and Peters this song is definitely a highlight on the album. Featuring yet another brilliant guitar solo this song is definitely one to go and listen to. Track 5 ‘Let it Begin‘ has a slightly different tone from the rest of the album so far, opening with a strong guitar riff they then cut out during the verse so that Brown is accompanied by McCullagh on bass and Quantrill on drums, the guitars then re-enter but play thinner riffs than all previous songs, this shows the bands versatility and is yet another reason why Stormbringer are certainly an up and coming band.

Track 8 ‘Smother‘ is certainly one of the songs which stands out the most to me. Opening with a fast paced guitar riff which continues throughout the song it definitely doesn’t allow you to divert your attention from the music. With classic rock vocals over a fast instrumental part as well as another striking guitar solo, this song is similar in style to the likes of Seether and Shinedown and is certainly one to watch, and with catchy lyrics what isn’t there to like?

The final track ‘Never Again‘ is a brilliant way to end the album, with a driving rhythm, thick chords and loud, strong vocals it brings it all to a perfect heavy rock conclusion. This is the kind of song where the mosh pit would turn into a brilliant dance floor of people enjoying the music in their own way until the final chord is played which’ll ring out across the room for what seems like forever. The semi-title track ‘Dying Breed‘ has typical southern rock roots, with a twangy guitar line and ornamentation within the chords. The strong drum beat and bass line makes it a perfect song for opening up any gig, catching the attention of all listeners as the track is slightly different in style from the rest of the album which once more shows how versatile Stormbringer are.

Overall Born A Dying Breed is an incredible album which shows just how good the style of classic heavy rock is, with catchy lyrics, strong drum beats and guitar riffs this album is definitely one of the best releases of 2017. It is however, missing a more down tempo song but the quality of the rest of the album truly makes up for it. If you are a fan of Seether, Shinedown, Sons Of Texas and Theory of a Deadman I would definitely check them out and even if you aren’t, I’d check them out anyway!

Stormbringer will be touring in November and December 2017 in support of their new album Born A Dying Breed:

November 4th – Flairz Venue Bar, Hastings UK                                                                November 8th – Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes UK                                                        November 10th – B2, Norwich UK                                                                                        November 11th – A Day Of Rock Fest, Corby UK                                                                November 17th – The Doghouse, Nottingham UK                                                            November 18th – Athletic Club, Rushden UK                                                                    November 25th – Asylum, Chelmsford UK                                                                        December 1st – Voodoo Lounge, Stamford UK                                                                December 7th – Nightclub Kolis, London UK                                                                      December 9th – The Iron Road, Evesham UK

Recommended Track: Smother

Rating: 8.5/10

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stormbringerrock/


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