EP Review: Cadaver Soiree – Demo 1

cadaver soiree.jpgCadaver Soiree – Demo 1

Release Date: 11th August 2017

Label: Self Released

The first release from Cadaver Soiree is a no nonsense affair that at just 3 tracks gives a very strong impression of what this Death Metal five piece from Leeds are capable of. The lyrics are grisly, focused on dismemberment, death, torture and the like. The drums are hard and fast mixing blast beats with marginally slower grooves and the riffs are full throttled and unrelenting.

The opening track Limbless begins with a short tight drum roll that sets the tone neatly before the singing, or rather shouting, begins with a single roar. The riff manages to be almost jaunty, which gives a slightly odd sensation when set against a song focused on maiming and dismemberment. It has the slightest air of carnivalesque menace to it, as though the protagonist of the song could be dressed as a clown while screaming the phrase ‘Limbless, liquefy, dead’ which is repeated a number of times as a form of middle 8. This is a solid opening track.

Cordyceps is the second track sees the band pressing on in the same vein. Cordyceps are a form of parasitic fungus which eventually kill the host body. To me it sounded as if the song was structured around the life, or indeed death cycle of a cordyceps host. It kicks of all blast beats and high speed riffs; the initial attack by the fungus. Then around 1:20  the song brings down the pace, demonstrative of the spores taking effect and beginning to undermine the host’s regular functions. Following this at 1:45 the tempo is pared right down until it has the feel of doom metal. Even the vocal enunciation is slowed and elongated, evocative of the complete deterioration of the victim’s nervous system and loss of motor skills. This section culminates with the shout of ‘nerve destroyer’ and the pace returns to the songs opening speed, which could be understood as the final death throes before fungal takeover is complete. The time signature changes are pulled off with panache as each section moves cohesively into the next and keep the song interesting.

Aeons of Lies rounds the EP off. It begins with just heavy crash cymbals and guitar before the double kick pedal and vocals muscle into the song. There is a sense of impending disaster that this songs builds on as it powers through another series of fairly complex time signature changes. At times this track manages to channel the foreboding sound of  Behemoth. The breakdown at 2: 30 makes use of the epic sweep of fuzzy guitar and lighter drums on centered on the hi hat. This then segues into the cymbal and guitar combo made use of at the outset as the song picks up pace ending with a galloping beat and stop-start guitar parts.

They may not be revolutionising the genre but that’s clearly not the point from a band whose stated aim is to ‘keep the traditional sound of Death Metal alive.’ If Demo 1 is anything to go by then they are more than managing to bring that aim to fruition. The 3 tracks here display a proficiency for raw ear bleeding sounds and the lo-fi sludgy feel works really well. It will be exciting to see what Cadaver Soiree come up with next as this is a sterling effort.

Recommended track: Cordyceps

Rating: 8/10

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CadaverSoiree/

Bandcamp: cadaversoiree.bandcamp.com/

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