EP Review: Kinasis- Pariah


Kinasis- Pariah

Relase Date: 29th September 2017
Record Label: Unsigned

Kinasis hail from Somerset/Wiltshire (Quick break to cheer the West Country) and have been a band for seven years, bringing out their first demo in 2010. Since then the West Country’s prominent metal quintet have shared stages with Sepultura, Malefice and Flayed  Disciple,  as well playing alongside S.H.I.N.E in Italy.

They may come a quaint and peaceful land but have no fear, the rolling green hills of the South of England has not held back their fericous music.

Right from the off it’s straight in your face with the mighty riffs and Hellish vocal growls in opener ‘Red Earth’. Vocalist Tom is not a one-trick pony as he comes in with a clean vocal hook, that will be stuck in your head for days.

Black Dog’ (no, not that one), break out of a slow and eerie synth but turn into a series of mid-paced and riffs and a chorus of clean vocals reminiscent of Ryan Hughes (Demon Hunter) before heading into a Jonathon Davies (Korn) style rant intelligently weaving an eclectic mix of styles throughout the song.

‘Kindred’ is far more melodic then it’s previous brothers as well adding a thick grove which reminds you of the Only Fools and Horses episode where they go to Majorca (Groovy Gang anyone). Tom continues to show his versatility as he swaps clean for growled vocals throughout the song.

‘Incipent’ rounds off the album is a sheer adrenaline rush of manic vocals and rhythms that come together to form an industrial metal sound. As with the rest of the album, it was diverse yet familliar. Heavy, yet accessible.

Self-defined as a “multi-faceted, technical, extreme-metal band”,  ‘Pariah’ provides a solid all-round performance, a good summary of the band’s talent. Kinasismay just be one of the most exciting things to come out of the West Country since Scrumpy Cider.

Rating: 8/10
Reccomended track: Red Earth

You can buy the album here: http://kinasis.bigcartel.com/


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