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Album Review: Callus- Through Blood, Sweat, Piss and Pain


Callus-  ‘Through Blood, Sweat, Piss and Pain
Release Date: 26th March
Record Label: Independent

Callus released their first EP ‘Through Blood, Sweat, Piss and Pain; via bandcamp claiming it a ‘Thrash / Stoner and Doom. It’s fast but also has some progressive moments, If you like your heavy, you’ll like this’.  Dave gives it his thoughts.

The EP arts with a 48 second intro of a very official sounding man talking about staying in your fall out shelters and not to come out unless it’s a genuine emergencies. At first guess, i’ll say there’s going to be some dark apocalyptic lyrics…

It then explodes into ‘The Chimp Militia’ with an opening riff reminiscent of Megadeth on top form. The vocals come in and one can only assume he has eaten a bag of gravel before entering the studio as these gritted clean vocals permeate the song.

Next up is ‘Cycloid’ with an opening riff that would make the lame get up headbang. There is no respite from the guitars as the riffs keep on coming  but it’s not simply misplaced agression, there’s a real musical hook, that has been whirring in my head since I clicked play. The duo also become fully signed up members of the groovy gang, with a strong groove throughout the song.

The final full-length track from this EP starts much slower than we’ve come to expect from Callus.  Slowly but surely, it speeds up until it reaches full speed at around one minute 30 which again the Megadeth influence comes through loud and clear (which is no bad thing). Before the guttral vocals coming out in full force to a degree, not heard before on this EP. The EP is rounded off with a short outro of the same official sounding man from the intro, reminding you not to go out at this unsafe time.

If you like it heavy, you’ll love this EP. Whilst with only 3 actual songs, it is noticeably  short, it provides a springboard from Callus as this may be one of the best EP’s you hear this year. Remember the name Callus, you may be hearing it for some time to come.

Rating: 8/10

Reccomended track: Cycloid

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You can buy the album by clicking here:

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