Album Review: Somaesthesia- Path Of Least Resistance EP

Somaesthesia- Path Of Least Resistance EP

Record Label: Infinite Hive


Edinburgh based metallers Somaesthesia bring out their debut EP ‘Path Of Least Resistance. An outfit who’s sound can instantly be compared to bands such as Gojira and Mastodon for their belligerent sound whilst keeping the groove.

Recorded at Wall of Sound Recording Studio in their home city of Edinburgh, nd mastered by James Plotkin, the EP kicks off with the ‘Somaesthesia’. From the first note, the riffs are assaulting your senses before the assaults brings in reinforcements as Stuart Hall’s growled vocals continue the assault. Brutally honest, it’s a better start expected. As one of the few people (or so it seems!) in the metal community who doesn’t quite get the attraction of gojira, I pressed play with nervous anticipation. However it is a very persuasive introduction, the guitars of Marc Carey and Mike Cooke. The song’s weirdly addictive low slung swing is equally tempting before expanding into a far more progressive style.

The following ‘Face of Glass’ starts off melodically graceful before beginning it’s assault which is not as belligerent as the opener, like fighting David Haye’s little brother; he may a bit ferocious but not as intimidating as the man himself.
That’s not to say it’s a bad track, it does have beauty in it’s melody and Hall continues his performance through the big choruses and grooves.

The EP’s title track again delivers a less intense offering. Hall brings in clean vocals for the first time and utilises them well, to the point I wish he had implemented them more throughout the album. There is far more ‘atmospheric’ feel to this, lower and slower thanks to the broodiness of the bass.

‘Surge’ brings back the pace, like a sprinter returning from a hamstring injury. It has a nagging and consistent which sounds like it has being designed to give you a headache. Hall’s vocal growl creates the catchiest chorus of the album. It doesn’t hold back from aggression but still takes you on musical journey.

The EP rounds off with ‘Stasis’; rugged but melodic, showcasing Kinaesthesia sound perfectly. Bendik’s bass is heavenly in quality whilst Carey and Cook team up to bring yet melody. With Hall’s vocals were exactly as you had come to expect.

The EP is a solid introduction to Somaesthesia, a band full of heavy potential to have a healthy career in the Metal Industry.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended track: Somaesthesia

You can buy the EP ‘Path Of Least Resistance’ at https://somaesthesia.bandcamp.com/releases

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