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Tour Preview: New Found Glory

After 20 years in the business New Found Glory need little in the way of introduction and this is the exact reason they’re currently embarking on a 15 date tour of the UK’s academy sized venues.

Despite being thought of as ‘second wave’ pop-punk, they’re a household name around the world with all comers in the rock fanbase and pretty much everyone will have heard ‘My Friends Over You’ at some point in the past 15 years (yeah, that’s right, My Friends Over You is 15 years old…how old do you feel?!). So, what are NFG doing to celebrate the 20 years milestone? Well they’re basically playing every song they’ve written.

Not content with playing one album in full as the fashion is these days, each date of the tour will see them play a combination of two of the following albums: Sticks And Stones, Not Without A Fight, New Found Glory & Catalyst. On top of this there is a London show where Nothing Gold Can Stay & Coming Home will be played, though tickets for that sold like the latest Adele album to middle aged housewives. The biggest question you need to ask about this tour is ‘how many shows do you go to?’ because missing any of the albums would be a crime.

That’s it then, that’s all that’s going on on the tour? Ha, no. On top of the two albums NFG will be playing some tracks on each date from the rest of their catalogue. That and the small matter of ROAM as support mean this is a tour that you can’t afford to miss. If you’re unfamiliar with ROAM give this a watch/listen and see why they’re the perfect support:

All that’s left to do then is buy your tickets. To do that head here and go to Tour:


Check out ROAM here too:


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