EP Review: Second Load- Pretty Little Enemy

unnamed (3)Second Load- Pretty Little Enemy

Release Date: 15th September 2017

As a reviewer, I spend much of my time being given tons of new bands to listen to which as a self-confessed rock music addict is my favourite past time; always looking for the ‘next’ band, the next ‘high’, if you like. I think I have found it in ‘Pretty Little Enemy’.

With songs that sound like a cross between Halestorm and Coheed and Cambia they quickly built up a following by supporting bands such as Hed P.E., Trapt, Devilskin and The Fallen State after forming in Minehead in 2015, They released their first EP ‘Bitch Please’ last summer before coming back to the studio to deliver ‘Second Load’.

Second Load kicks off with ‘Get a Grip’ with a whirlwind of guitar riffs by Georgie Bell which are bound to get the nieghbours shouting at you to turn it down whilst the drum beats by Ben Dean gel perfectly with it. Vocalist Louise Body comes in with her melodic clean vocals which will soon get you up off the sofa singing a long.

Next up is Collide, the second single off the EP (the First being ‘Get a Grip’) gives your neighbour a little break as this one starts with a calm summer vibe before Dean’s kick drum and Bell’s heavier riffs come back into play, rescuing the music from what could have been a mediocre track. Combine that with Body’s melody and vocal hook; ‘I held it all in the palm of my hand” you have a very good track on your hands.

‘Play by the Rules’ has everything here: big tones, big riffs, big drums and Louise’s best vocal performance on the album. Enough Said.

The EP is rounded off with ‘Its all just a show’s and is exactly what you’d expect. Great riffs from Bell alongside the powerful drums of Dean, solid bass work of Jason Coles and melodic vocals of Body.

Recommended Track: Play by the Rules

Rating: 9/10

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