Album Review: A Higher Demise- To Death Or Victory

A Higher Demise- To Death Or Victory
Release Date: 1st September
Record Label: Unsigned

‘A Higher Demise, the five piece metalcore act based in London follow up their highly praised 2014 debut EP ‘The Doctor Is Out’ with  the seven track EP, ‘To Death Or Victory’ due to be released on 1st September.

The album is kicked off with the track ‘Looking In’ The piano intro took me by a pleasant surprise before being joined by the bass, drums and guitar and the clean vocals of lead vocalist Charlie Serfani. The entire album is well-produced but this is the most obvious example; it’s crisp with great clarity with enough rawness to keep it metal. Producer Jason Wilson (YMA6/ We Are The Ocean) shows his influence as there is a great balance of clean and growled vocals and the clean vocals are slightly more ‘Pop Punk. Whilst this usually would be a massive turn off for me, Serfani pulls it off and mixing his vocal styles (as he did on ‘The Doctor Is Out) makes for a solid vocal performance. The drums and bass become far more noticeable on ‘To Death Or Victory’ and have a far greater influence on the band’s belligerent attack on the senses.  You experience this most with the second track, ‘Entropy’ A fist pumping track which is taken even further with the aggressive lyrics.

They then calm it down  slightly with ‘Tear It Down’ which has a great vocal hook and is the catchiest song on the record. They build straight back up through the mid- section of the EP (‘In The First Place’, The End Of Us and ‘The Obituary’), as though they have taken a step back in time  as they are very high energy, loud, aggressive and made to be played live, with a crowd unafraid of the mosh pit. They do add in some well-timed and well-crafted cleaner segments, most notably on ‘The End Of Us.
They leave the best until last with the final song, ‘Endgame’. It’s the most varied song with subtle chord changes to change up the tone rather than simple repetition. It’s also by far the most emotional with lyrics that will make you draw just a single tear, just like watching the latest John Lewis advert. They still keep up the aggressive assault but they take the softer sections and soften them all the way down. It’s evidence of the progress ‘A Higher Demise’ has made in the last few years to win over this skeptic.

Rating: 7/10
Recommended track: Endgame

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