Album Review: The New Roses- One More For The Road

19601446_1596235133741979_147567208245605400_nThe New Roses- One More For The Road

Release Date: 25th August 2017

Label: Napalm Records

The New Roses bring you their latest platter of bluesy hard rock with ‘One More For The Road’. Technically formed in 2007, they rebranded themselves as ‘The New Roses’ in 2012 releasing their first EP that year. They followed it up in 2013 with their debut album ‘Without A Trace’. In the last two years, they have become one of the most sought after new German rock bands playing 250 shows and sharing stages with rock legends like as ZZ Top, Saxon, Accept and Joe Bonamassa. In addition to this, their previous album made the Top 40 in Germany. Thus, I received the news of a new album with great excitement.

I wasn’t disappointed. Led by frontman Timmy Rough, they produce the power of Van Halen, with the tightness of AC/DC with the rawness of Aerosmith and the swag of Kid Rock.  

‘One More For The Road’ starts off with a loud energetic banger. But Don’t think of this as merely a superficial classic rock tune, the lyrics are interesting’ talking about how we make our decisions and that decisions can be made for good and evil.

We move onto ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ which kicks it up another level.  Another high intensity, gritty track which is clearly perfect for live shows as you instantly gain this desire to stand up and shout. It’s also clear one of their main influences is AC/DC as the vocal arrangement smells remarkably like Brian Johnson.

They slow it down with the groove ridden ‘Forever never comes’ before speeding right back up with the belter that is ‘Dancing On A Razorblade’.
‘Consider Me Gone’ sits in the middle of the album and is a groovy track which is instantly memorable. 

‘Life Ain’t Easy (With A Boy With Long Hair)’ is one of the singles from album and if you only heard this song, you’d be be forgiven for thinking they were an American band with  that Southern Rock Kid Rock vibe.

‘Every Wild Heart’ is the first single off the album and is an uplifting anthem which is would be perfectly suited to big arenas.

They mix it up by stripping their music back to with ‘Fight You Leaving Me’ A power ballad with a smashing rhythm section and a great hook.

The final two songs off the main album ‘The Same Moon’ and ‘Piece By Peace Of Mind’ are both classic New Roses raw, melodic rock n roll with a strong hook.

If you go for the deluxe and get the The three bonus tracks you are in for a treat. They  are just as good as anything on the main album with the intense ‘Do I Look Scared To You’ a real winner, second ballad ‘The Storm’ and rounding it off is ‘Nitro Nights’ a catchy track which will get you up and dancing before pressing the rewind button to the start of the album.

The biggest surprise for me as the song writing. I knew I would be getting tight musicianship and a precision rivalled only by AC/DC but it’s far stronger lyrically than I imagined. Many bands can produce the raw rock n roll sound that The New Roses do but most fall down with cliched lyrics about sex, drugs n rock n roll. The New Roses instead rise about the superficial and write more about society and personal relationships. Don’t fear, they don’t lose any of the power and swag of their Rock N Roll contemporaries. This is a no nonsense no frills, no filler slab of German of Rock N Roll!

Rating: 9/10

Recommended Track: My Own Worst Enemy

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