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EP Review: The Cast-Iron Canaries – Propagaga

The Cast-Iron Canaries – Propagaga

Re-issue Date: 14th July 2023


If you like your punk raw as fuck, full to the brum with energy and brewed over three decades spent in hiding then The Cast-Iron Canaries are probably what you need in your life right now. Propagaga is the four-track EP from the Santa Cruz-based outfit and one that was thought to be lost for the majority of the past few decades.

Dusting of the time capsule has allowed us to take a journey back through a different time in music, but one which is still just as relevant. Opening track ‘Eternal Prom Queen’ features In Utero era, Nirvana-esque guitars alongside more classic 70s style punk vocals. A combination that works almost exactly as well as you’d expect and kicks off the EP in some fashion whilst not feeling like out of place in the modern music world.



With just the four tracks to work with it can be hard to paint a picture of the artist. Not here though as all four tracks offer something different. Where the opener brings a grungier feel, ‘All Dolled Up’ has more of an Iggy Pop feel before ‘Peak’ goes off on another tangent, tabling a jauntier, rockier piece all before ‘Zoom’ closes it off in true punk style. Despite being just under 13 minutes long, ‘Propagaga’ wastes no time whatsoever. From the opener through all four tracks, it’s just pure unadulterated fun that comes out a fitting time when ‘retro’ is all the rage.

The bad thing about something having been ‘lost for thirty years’ is realising that that was the 90s, not the 70s and that we’re all just getting old. Luckily, with Propagaga, we’re allowed the opportunity of a brief dalliance in an era not too far into our memories and what a fun time it is. At less than quarter of an hour, what have you got to lose!?


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