Interview with Heriot, 2000Trees 2023

Interview with Jasmine Marceau.

We caught up with Debbie Gough in Heriot after they hit the main stage at Trees.

I saw your set, it was great! How did it feel playing main stage?

Debbie: It was great – it was out first ever main stage appearance. We’ve all been coming to Trees together for years, before I was in the band we’d go together, and 2000Trees was the first place that Heriot was discussed. I don’t know whether Jake said that on stage, I was hoping that he’d say that. But yeah, the idea of Heriot was discussed at 2000Trees! So, a nice full circle moment.

You’ve been playing a lot of festivals – do you have a preference to playing your own headliners or festivals?

Debbie: I love them both to be honest. I think it’s nice to have a mix of both. Lately I’m really loving festivals, and we’ve been to Europe for the first time during festival season too, and that’s been really great.

Do you have any pre-show rituals before you play?

Debbie: I try and drink ginger and lemon tea to help the vocals. I’d do some vocal warm ups, if I’m mindful I’d stretch.

Do you do anything together as a band?

Debbie: To be honest we just give each other a big hug, and ask each other if everyone is okay every 5 minutes – it’s a holistic approach!

You’re going to Europe with Architects, that’s incredible, how did that come about?

Debbie: We’ve been really lucky that they seem to be into us, which is a really lovely thing. We’ve been so lucky that they’ve invited us out for those shows. Big venues, but we’re so grateful to them for taking us out and we love that band, so we’re both excited and terrified.

When you’re going on tour, do you have any must-haves?

Debbie: Honestly, I’d say I could get through anything. I’m a really minimal packer, but I do need my ginger and lemon tea, otherwise the tour is out the window. I didn’t have it today, and I could feel it in our set that I hadn’t had my tea – so I think that’s the only thing I need.

You released the single Demure earlier in the year, is there any more new music on the horizon?

Debbie: Yeah, so we’re working on an album at the moment, more details on that will be coming in the next few months. We’re working on new material and we’re really excited to be working as a band on our debut album – it seems crazy.

Where do you see Heriot in the next three years?

Debbie: I’d love to be on more main stages. I’d love for us to be still playing shows and grow as a band. My main hope and intention is to be still loving it as much as we are right now!

Catch Heriot playing live this year.

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