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Single Review: Tarama Gamez – Ritalin


Tarama Gamez – Ritalin

Release Date: 5th May 2023


A modern twist on a classic style sees Tamara Gamez release ‘Ritalin’, one of the lead tracks from the debut album Genesis.

Fans of the sort of 90s grunge style of music, as broad a description as that is, will find solace in ‘Ritalin’ as it hits a bit heavier than some of Gamez’s previous efforts. Combining it with vocals that aren’t a million miles away in style to Skunk Anansie’s Skin, as big a statement as that is, sees ‘Ritalin’ take on a unique hybrid style.

Focusing on the effects of mental health issues and the drugs used to treat cover the thoughts of there being “something wrong with me” means that the track is a truly modern take on a decades-old genre that will win Gamez many fans.

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