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Single Review: Hate May Return – Rise Of Ramses

Hate May Return – Rise Of Ramses

Release Date: 2nd October 2013

Find The Band Here: Spotify

We’re heading back in time a bit here, back so far that Hardbeat, or Mind Noise Network that preceded it, was not even born yet. The reason? Austrian metal mob Hate May Return are back and it seems like a good idea to celebrate that.

A barrage of drums and growls awaits listeners new and old to ‘Rise Of Ramses’, a track that just doesn’t fuck around. Taken from the second of their two albums, it’s a good reminder to go back and give both of them a listen and to enjoy the subtle mix of harsh, early-metalcore style that fuses effortlessly with death metal. A great combination for the next gym session, for sure.

Information on the band is limited, but that’s kind of nice. While their 2013 album was called 2.0, you can certainly get excited for Hate May Return 2.0.

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