Interview: Draconian Reign

We got Rebecca to sit down and have a chat with Draconian Reign’s front man James Hibberd.

Q: Draconian Reign, Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. How are we?

A: Good morning! We are all still pinching ourselves after having such a great crowd and reaction!

Q: We are talking to you straight after your biggest show to date, Bloodstock, how was that? Surely it felt a bit surreal? 

A: It was extremely surreal! It was fantastic to be up there, and it felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. We all took a few moments here and there to let it all sink in.

I believe that was only the third time you’ve played live so far as a band. 

That’s correct.

Q: Do you have a favorite performance yet or are you just enjoying being on stage and finally getting to play these songs? 

A: It has to be Bloodstock. That was insane. I’m still shocked that it happened!

Q: Is there a particular song that you’ve found the crowds enjoy the most?

A: I think “It Came From Hell” seems to go down best. We wear in-ear monitors on stage so while we play I can’t hear anything from the crowd… they could be heckling us and I’d never know!

Q: Your first EP “Necromantic” has had a lot of positive feedback, how does it feel being fresh on the scene and getting this kind of response?

A: It’s amazing. We are extremely grateful for all of the kind words!

I’ve personally seen a couple of your performances and if I weren’t aware of how new to the scene you were, I would believe that you’ve been in this game for a fair few years.

Thank you! We’ve all been in bands for years and we wanted to wait until we were a well-oiled machine before playing any shows. I am fortunate to have such talented musicians carrying me!

Q: What was the thought process behind the “It Came From Hell” video and picking that as your first single?

A: We had no real thought process behind the video – we just wanted something dark. Our upcoming videos are being given a lot more thought! We picked It Came From Hell because we felt it was our strongest song at that point and had a bit of everything.

Q: Can we get an insight into what’s to come for Draconian Reign this year?

A: We are currently tracking our second EP. We can’t wait for you to hear it. It’s bigger, faster, heavier, and more epic. A complete level up.

Q: There always has to be a stupid question, so here we are, what’s your favorite quote from a movie or tv show?

A: Oh! This is difficult. Whenever I eat pizza, I say “Pizza Time” like Tobey Maguire in Spider-man 2. I also like to quote Revenge of The Sith constantly. This is where the fun begins.

Q: To finish this clearly fantastic interview off, Where can our readers find you and your music?

A: Anywhere! Bandcamp. Spotify. YouTube. Wherever you want to have a look!

Social Media can be found right here:

Facebook – Instagram

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