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Live Review: The Snuts @ Engine Rooms, Southampton, 19.10.22

The Snuts @ Engine Rooms, Southampton, 19.10.22

The Snuts are a force to be reckoned with. At first glance, they might look like your standard indie band, beloved in their hometown of Glasgow and esteemed performers in the UK live music circuit. But don’t underestimate them; their debut album W.L. won a UK chart battle against global superstar Demi Lovato last year. Making the top 3 with this year’s Burn The Empire, The Snuts are on a roll, and tonight we celebrate with them in Southampton’s sweatiest venue, Engine Rooms.

Heidi Curtis

Photo by Jos

Norwich singer-songwriter Heidi Curtis appeared with her name in lights behind her to warm up the crowd. Jumping from keys to guitar, her indie-pop stylings brought the energy up bit by bit. The highlight was her cover of David Bowie’s ‘Moonage Daydream’, a move that no doubt takes a lot of confidence, but the decision paid off. The end of her set showed her emotional side with ‘Left To Rot’ and ‘Keep Me In The Picture.’ You can’t find her on streaming services, so watch this space.

The Snuts

Photo by Jos

The Snuts were earning points before they even started playing. About half an hour before they took to the stage, screens flashed with the warning that “Abusive or harassing behavior towards female audience members will not be tolerated”, directing people to security staff if they were being made to feel uncomfortable. They signed off their message with a simple “Don’t be a dick. Enjoy the show”. Their action didn’t go unnoticed; audience members collectively lifted their phones to snap a photo of the screen.

When they did arrive on stage with ‘Pigeons in New York,’ the whole room was screaming along with them, with every opening riff that followed eliciting screams from the ecstatic crowd. Political messages are scattered throughout the show, with screens behind the band showing clips of protests and announcing that “80% more crimes were recorded in the most income-deprived areas”. It’s a high production level for an intimate venue that enhances their indie rock with a layer of punk ethos. From the audience came a healthy number of people chanting “Fuck the Tories” (which must have worked since the government fell apart again a day later).

These heavy, politically charged moments were paired with softer, more vulnerable tracks like ‘Somebody Loves You,’ during which Jack Cochrane encouraged everyone to take a moment to put their arms around their loved ones. Another sweet moment came when support act Heidi Curtis came out to join them for Rachel Chinouriri’s part on ‘End of the Road.’

Bringing the night to a close with the riotous ‘Burn The Empire’ and ‘Fatboy Slim’, the band thanked the crowd for all of their support and for taking the time out to come and see them. It was clear that The Snuts were just as jubilant and grateful to be there as the audience was to see them.

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