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Album Review: Casket Feeder – Servants of Violence


Release Date: 20th May

Record Label: Self-Released

For Fans Of: Venom Prison, All Pigs Must Die, URNE

Writer: Ellis Heasley

Milton Keynes’ Casket Feeder are hardly the first band to mine that glorious middle-ground between death metal and hardcore, and yet the results presented on their debut full- length never feel tired or trope-y.

Servants Of Violence is a work of urgent ferocity, its razor- sharp Scandi-worship driven along by the five-piece’s core sensibilities for an utterly arresting 37 minutes. Taking aim at various religious, political, and media-based “cults”, there isn’t a single track that pulls its punches here.

 The opening run of ‘To The Hounds Go The Faithful’, ‘Mask Of Sorrow’, and ‘Vulture Culture’ comes flying out the gates with bucketfuls of pit-spinning intensity, while highlights like the towering groove of ‘Doomsday Prophecy’ and the pummelling yet dynamic title track go on to reveal a band of potent versatility.

Out front stands the dexterously savage vocalist Matt Downes, with the musicians behind him delivering a crisply- produced masterclass in chainsaw-esque violence.

Rating: 8/10


This review features in Issue 5 of Hardbeat which also includes chats with Helpless, Malevolence and Bleed From Within as well as reviews of the upcoming Conjurer record. You can purchase Hardbeat Issue 5 here.

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