Albums of the Year 2021: Dave Barlow

1.Hearts and Hand Grenades- Turning To Ashes

“Turning to Ashes” is the benchmark of what every debut album should strive for. Its no-frills approach, pairs a highly energetic sound with powerful lyrics.  It takes you on an action-packed thrill ride which only slows briefly for the ballad ‘I Hide’ before carrying on full steam ahead with the lively ‘Adrenaline’ .’The in Crowd’ juxtaposes swing style verses with a hard rock chorus creating an intriguing and enjoyable track. If they can write a debut album as mature and engrossing as ‘Turning to Ashes’ then they have laid strong foundations to become a genuine force in the rock scene.

2.United Servants- Save Me From Myself

3.The Letter Black- The Letter Black

4.Evanescence- The Bitter Truth

5.Reflection Of Glory- Escape The Dream

6.Inglorious- We Will Ride

7.They Fell From The Sky- Decade

8.Dee Snider- Leave A Scar

9.Drones- Our Hell is Right Here

10.TheCityIsOurs – Coma

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