Albums of the Year 2021: Liam McDonald

1.Mastodon – Hushed & Grim

Mastodon are no strangers to writing about loss, but with the band’s first double album they have managed to tap into a far more raw and reflective space on Hushed & Grim. Essentially acting as a tribute to long-time manager Nick John, the record sees the band both mourning and celebrating their friend’s life with all the power and intricacy we have come to expect from the Atlanta quartet. From the melancholic country ballad of The Beast to the defiantly majestic Had It All, it might also be the most expansive Mastodon record yet. Whisper it quietly, but with repeated listens and a few years, it might also be accepted as their very best. 

2.Halsey – If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power

3.The Armed – Ultrapop

4.Dvne – Etemen Ænka

5.Pupil Slicer – Mirrors

6.Little Simz – Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

7.Steven Wilson – The Future Bites 

8.Turnstile – Glow On

9.Teenage Wrist – Earth Is A Black Hole

10.Sugar Horse – The Live Long After

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