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Interview: Kyle Fasel and Cody Muraro of Real Friends talk new music and welcoming a new era

answered by Kyle Fasel and Cody Muraro


  • First of all, how are you guys? How are preparations going for your upcoming release and tour?

We are doing great. It honestly feels a little surreal being back in the swing of things, considering the last two years. It’s all positive though. We’re very stoked to be back. 


  • How was it like re-forming the band, in a sense? How did you establish that connection between yourselves and your newest member?

It was a real challenge at first. It took us half of last year really defining the sound of the band. When we first wrote songs with Cody they felt too different, like not Real Friends enough. We wanted to very much so still have the same spirit the band always had, those first songs did not. We ended up not using any of them. We finally hit a stride though that felt right. That’s when we wrote the songs that are on our upcoming EP- Torn in Two. 


  • Cody, how did it feel like stepping into the band? Were there any challenges and what was the whole experience like?

There was a lot of pressure and I was certainly anxious. The band helped me feel welcomed right away. Allowing me to help write, make suggestions and fill the role. I’m still finding my place with some things but overall the transition was seamless and I feel right at home.


  • What was the creative process like when it came to writing your upcoming album? Has it changed given the circumstances?

It was pretty similar to what we’ve done in the past. We wrote a million demos at home together and then took them into the studio. The writing felt very familiar even with a new vocalist. 


  • What was the focus of your inspiration writing this new record?

We really tried tackling the heavy emotions we’ve felt over the last year. The pandemic really inspired some of the songs. Nervous Wreck and Remedy for Reality are two songs that wouldn’t have been written if it weren’t for the pandemic. They both reflect feeling of isolation and really wanting to just be in a different time in life but having no escape. 


  • You guys recently released singles ‘’Teeth’’, ‘’Storyteller’’ and ‘’Nervous Wreck’’ after the hiatus and line-up change – why did you decide to release these songs specifically to introduce Cody to the fans?

I remember saying in the studio while writing Nervous Wreck and Storyteller that if any of our fans heard those two songs that they would love them. I think those two songs have all the elements that make a Real Friends song. I’m really proud of those two. Teeth is also a very special song. Cody really dug down deep lyrically for that one. The honesty of the lyrics felt too familiar to not include in our first release back. 


  • Are they a good indication of how the new Real Friends era will sound like?

I’d say yes. 


  • The response from your audience has been incredible so far, very welcoming and positive. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

It really has been! We spent a long time thinking of all the “what if’s.” Every possible scenario ran through my head with making such a big change to the band after so long. I was so happy when we dropped the songs though. The fans were so excited and receptive. It made me feel good to know that we have such open minded fans that are open to a little change. We love all of our fans more than we can explain. 


  • Will the fans be hearing any of the previous Real Friends hits live sung by Cody? Or would you guys choose to step into this new era by turning to a new chapter entirely and focusing solely on the new music?

We will always be playing older songs. This is still Real Friends and those songs are important chapters in the band. 


  • Speaking of your upcoming US tour with State Champs – how did that come about?

We actually had the tour booked over two years ago! It just kept getting pushed back because of the pandemic. We’re so stoked that it’s finally panning out. We are so thrilled to be on the road with them. 


  • Can we expect a UK and EU tour in 2022?

We are really hoping so! We’ve talked about it quite a few times, crossing our fingers something happens. 


  • And finally, what are you most looking forward to moving ahead?

I’m excited to just keep going. I’m more grateful than ever to do what we do. Spending over a year at home really made me realize how lucky I am to do this. I’ll be experiencing every step of this journey with a little more gratitude moving forward. 



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