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Album Review: Amazing Things – Don Broco





Release Date: 22/10/2021

Record Label: Sharptone Records

For Fans Of: Enter Shikari, You Me At Six, Lower Than Atlantis


Don Broco clearly don’t do half-measures as they return with their new album, Amazing Things, and as a collection of songs it more than lives up to the album title. Fans of the band will be aware of the evolution that has occurred within their sound, and this record sees the band continue to explore their trademark niche alt-rock approach that began to flourish with 2018’s Technology. The identity of the band undoubtedly began to develop in earlier days, with rock music that doesn’t take itself too seriously but slaps hard, way back with debut album Priorities and the terrific follow-up Automatic. However, Don Broco have really grown into their skin and put on a hell of a show for fans on this record.

Amazing Things is as unforgiving and explosive as a minefield, and finding yourself in the latter is probably only going to make you sweat a little more than catching this album on tour. Aggressive singles ‘Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan’ and ‘Gumshield’ epitomise the unique style of the band and further reinforce the view that the louder you play a Broco track, the better it is. The promo behind these singles were works of art themselves. An apparent hacking of their social media posting endless photos of David Beckham, and a staged foray into the world of boxing for Rob Damiani flooding their feeds, highlights the creativity residing here. The former was laughed at in group chats across the globe as it unfolded, while the latter was backed up by countless training videos and promo shots that gave fans no reason to doubt Rob’s upcoming fight Vs pro-boxer David Allen. More fool us!

It wouldn’t be a Don Broco record without some pop-culture references, a tongue in cheek nature, and some unique takes on modern living. The razor-sharp ‘Revenge Body’ has so much personality that it could be a member of the band, ‘Bad 4 Ur Health’ has a chorus with more attitude than WWE in the ’90s, and the sheer audacity of the synth-heavy ‘Uber’ is remarkable. It’s also hard not to grin when Damiani sings “Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherfucker!” on the Die Hard fan-boy track, ‘Bruce Willis’! Rumour has it that the Hollywood actor has heard the song and didn’t have a clue what was going on. Welcome to Don Broco, Bruce. Imagine the scenes when he’s taking part in the Bad Boys Badminton Club at Brixton Academy in November…

Not content with simply producing alt-rock bangers for days, the Bedford boys push the boundaries and blur the lines between genres. ‘Endorphins’ effortlessly fleets between post-hardcore vibes and pre-millenium house, meanwhile ‘Swimwear Season’ feels like ‘Mr Blue Sky’ combined with ‘Mr Brightside’. In the past, there have been elements of sarcasm and irony within their music, but there’s a sincerity and hope in the line from ‘One True Prince’s, “We’re about to do amazing things…”, which feels very apt. The music video for this track is unsurprisingly impressive and is another example of the flair for the dramatic and all things cinematic that is channelled into all they do.

Don Broco have always been confident in everything they do and aren’t afraid to stray from their comfort zone. Amazing Things feels like another stage within the band’s evolution, although with a less notable change than between previous albums. This record does not try to be like any other, it is brilliantly and unashamedly itself- Modern, edgy and an outright blast.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended Track: ‘Revenge Body’

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