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Singles Only: April Fool’s Round-Up

Scars of Solitude – No Riddance

Release Date: 1st April 2021

Genre: Melodic Metal

When a song is described by the band as a ‘straight-up anthem’ it demands a certain degree of expectation. Is an anthem something you can really aim to write or is it something that just happens? Either way, Finnish metal mob Scars Of Solitude have written a track that will tempt fans of the gothic styles the country is famous for.

Raw and unrestrained, but with strong melodies throughout, ‘No Riddance’ is a fun track and one that will excite. Something for those early afternoon festival stages.



Daeodon – Shapeshifter

Release Date: 1st April 2021

Genre: Hard Rock

Deep vocals and a soft guitar bring in ‘Shapeshifter, a track that spends the first 75 seconds building up through softer elements before a heavier drum beat kicks in.

The song’s transitions are what bring it to life and evoke the exact feeling of the unexpected that the subject matter of being lost in a place that should feel so comfortable. Vocally perhaps not the strongest track, but pounding drums and a QOTSA style solo towards the end make it worth the listen.



Spice Jar – I Can’t Sleep

Release Date: 1st April 2021

Genre: Punk Rock

Pure, raw energy pours out of ‘I Can’t Sleep’ from American duo Spice Jar. Fans mourning the loss of Milk Teeth are likely to find a lot to enjoy in the punky vibes cemented firmly in an indie style that keeps even the more melancholy lyrics a bit more  upbeat.

Vocally and musically fusing together with consummate ease, it is easy to see why the pair decided to make this their main project. Three years into their career as Spice Jar, there’s a feeling that a huge amount of potential is being realised.

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