Singles Only 2021: Q1 Round-Up


Grishka – Castigation

Release Date: 1st March 2021

Genre:  Thrashy Hardcore

Formed as Covid took a grip on the world, ‘Castigation’ combines everything from punchy hardcore through to black metal, stripping them back to the raw roots and bringing them together effortlessly.

Grishka have created a filthy track with lyrics taking aim at those with power that are keeping the status quo as it is. Not only that but it also feels unique, which is no mean feat these days.



Tuskie – Overthinking

Release Date: 12th March 2021

Genre:  Pop Punk

With an intro that takes you more towards pop rock and lulls you in to its softer guitars, Tuskie’s ‘Overthinking’ bombards you with a burst of energy around the 18-second mark that takes it up a level.

Emotion riddled vocals convey lyrics that explain in no uncertain terms the meaning of the song’s name. A powerful listen for fans of bands like Nervus.


Dancing With Ghosts – Dirty Oxygen

Release Date: 30th March 2021

Genre:  Electronic Alt-Rock

A hybrid of styles that feels a little bit like everything you love from the alt-rock and industrial worlds brought together quite beautifully in parts. There are elements of a more electronic, pop vibe in the intro that are quickly absorbed into the aforementioned industrial world.

Treading the line between genres can be tricky to get right but here it just flows, moving between sections that could be from different songs but melding them perfectly. This is a band doing things the way they want to do them and the rewards are plain to hear.


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