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EP Review: Baby Strange – Land of Nothing





Release Date: April 30th

Label: Icons Creating Evil Art

For fans of: Royal Republic, Trampolene, Arctic Monkeys

Are you missing club nights? Of course you are. Thankfully, Glasgow trio Baby Strange are here to deliver the chaotic rock dancefloor fillers that we all so desperately need with their brand new release Land of Nothing. Boasting five riotous rock anthems, Baby Strange deliver a taste of how exhilarating their live gigs will be post-lockdown.

From start to finish, Land of Nothing is a tireless, audacious EP full of playful lyricism and bursting sounds. Listening to the album from the creature comforts of lockdown life seems an incredible injustice. The rampaging noise of ‘More! More! More’ and ‘I Want To Believe’ alongside the lively, humorous lyrics of ‘Over n Over’ deserve to be blasted out from speakers in a sweaty, overcrowded dancefloor. Land of Nothing also offers a reprieve of more bouncy guitar riffs, funky bass rhythms, and bold vocals with ‘There’s Something There’ and ‘Club Sabbath’, giving a similar boisterous, over-confident energy as seen in Royal Republic’s Club Majesty. But rather than appearing out-of-place or inconsistent, all these tracks complement each other beautifully, with thrashing, mosh-pit-worthy rock blending seamlessly into playful, 80s-esque disco soundtracks.

Baby Strange have built on their brash sound from their previous 2016 album Want It Need It, maintaining their loud, unique persona while also upping the energy and noise. Land of Nothing successfully manages to shake off the dust of lockdown life, demanding both your attention and your amazing dance moves in one of the most fun and energetic releases of the year so far.

Recommended Tracks: ‘More! More! More!’, ‘Over n Over’

Rating: 8/10

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