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Album Review: Hail The Sun- New Age Filth





Release Date: 16th April 2021

Record Label: Rude/ Equal Vision

For Fans Of: The Fall of Troy, The Mars Volta, Chiodos


2021 must be an odd place to sit as a band from the late ‘00s school of sugary, mathed-up post-hardcore. Despite bands like Fall of Troy and Dance Gavin Dance continuing to do big numbers, it’s far from the trendiest sound on the heavy music market. Regardless, Hail The Sun have found their own niche and a solid audience pining for their off-beat, funky riffs and heavy doses of melodrama.

Unlike some of their guitar-weedling contemporaries, Hail The Sun have managed to keep their sound relatively dirty, with ‘Parasitic Cleanse’ carrying a righteous metal chug, albeit sat alongside ridiculous tempo changes and a mammoth falsetto chorus. It’s hardly a progressive masterpiece but Hail The Sun’s sheer audacity in constructing a song in this way is pretty admirable and makes for an invigorating tune. Like Coheed on a heavy dose of amphetamines.

Elsewhere ‘Made Your Mark’ recalls glittery midwest-emo and ‘Misfire’ brings a space-prog twist that adds a nice change of pace, but generally, New Age Filth sits safely in its brew of intertwining mathy guitar lines crashing against cutesy choruses. However flashy the tunes get, your enjoyment of this album pretty much rests on how much of a sucker you are for that sound.
Like a lot of the genre, this record’s constant unwillingness to stay calm is its biggest strength and its biggest weakness. It whisks you off for a breezy runtime and doesn’t let go, but leaves little impact afterwards. If this is your scene though, it’s an absolute shoe-in.

Rating: 6/10

Recommended track: Parasitic Cleanse

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