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Album Review: Mythic Sunship- Wildfire







Record Label: Tee Pee Records

Release Date: 2 April 2021

For Fans Of: Amon Duul ii, Faust, Naxatras


Mythic Sunship are one of those bands that just do one thing incredibly well. Over five albums since 2014, the Copenhagen quartet has nailed the vibe of early 70s Kosmische Germany and then some. From the free-jazz improvisation to the driving grooves and dreamy space-rock wonderment. Though they may be just a touch heavier and fuzzier than most of those 70s bands could achieve, it’s a pretty loyal imitation of that era, even down to the lovably sloppy guitar overdubs and bleeding production.

Opener ‘Maelstrom’ is a great statement of intent, kicking into a full-on riff-fest in its opening seconds. Guitar freakouts and winding saxophones screech over a motorized rhythm section, building to a monstrous crescendo and leaving a dreamy, looping dual guitar part to guide the track to its close.

‘Olympia’ is a nice change of pace, with the guitars following a hypnotic clockwork lick with drums chugging courageously in the background, though it devolves into a similar amount of fuzz in its second half. It’s not until ‘Redwood Grove’ that the band shows their best talents. Masses of churning, effects-laden riffage become overwhelming here, feeling so dense that it might break your speakers, but it’s all done with invigorating fun. The suitably-titled closer ‘Going Up’ feels as if it’s fluttering towards some psychedelic wah-wah dimension- above a wall of droning bass and sax, but manages to end the record on a satisfying stomp.

If you want to feel like you’re looking at a dim-lit stage through a haze of beards and marijuana smoke in a back-end Berlin club in 1972 for 45 minutes, you can’t really go wrong here. Though Mythic Sunship are probably in the second tier of retro space-rock bands, and could possibly become monotonous for more casual fans of this style, they riff like nobody’s watching and can stir a real frenzy when required, making Wildfire a must-listen for the tie-dyed elder-statesman.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended track: Redwood Grove

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