Hardbeat – Better Health Playlist

This playlist was featured in Issue 1 (Click here to order our second run!) of Hardbeat magazine and was initially made available for our Patrons.

The Hardbeat team and our favourite cosmic punks Waco have collaborated on this playlist which features our go-to songs for traversing the emotional minefield that is life during a pandemic. 

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Bryan Adams (feat. Melanie C) – When You’re Gone 

The pop-rock anthem to end all pop-rock anthems, even it’s verses are colossally beltable. (Paris Fawcett)

Elton John – I’m Still Standing

The ultimate bounce-back track. Three minutes of inspiration and motivation from Elton John (or Taron Egerton if you’re a Rocketman fan). (Dan Hemming)

Neck Deep – Candour 

This particular song got me through a rough time when a family member unfortunately passed away. The line “I’ll keep a moment sealed in time, inside a picture frame” is forever tattooed on my body. (Rebecca Marshall)

Waco – Busy Livin’

A massive chorus mixed with a ska-like swing means this track was my personal feel-good hit of the summer.  (Liam McDonald)

Milk Teeth – Smoke

Milk Teeth’s self-titled album soundtracked Lockdown #1 for me – this track embodies its melancholia, but in a relatable and comforting way.  (Emma Wilkes)

The Snuts – Elephants 

This track is certified indie-rock perfection, featuring an infectiously uplifting melody and Jack Cochrane’s distinctive vocals – the Scottish rockers know how to create a hit.(Camilla Whitfield)

The Goo Goo Dolls- Broadway

Broadway is a masterpiece in expressing juxtaposition. There are sad lyrics to connect with on bad days, combined with an upbeat tune to make you feel better. (Dave Barlow)

Midfield General – Reach Out (feat. Linda Lewis)

I renovated my garden shed last year, which was very therapeutic. It’s now a superclub. I listened to loads of big beats at the time. (Jak Hutchcraft, Waco)

Viagra Boys – In Spite of Ourselves (Feat. Amy Taylor)

John Prine was a huge loss in 2020 but his sense of humour – and this new Viagra Boys cover – have kept my spirits up. (James Robinson, Waco)

Holger Czukay – Cool in the Pool

I spent a lot of time listening to serious music over the last year. Here’s one about being hot. Oh is it hot? (Tom Pallot, Waco)

Bad Religion – My Sanity

We’ve all had to take a rain check on our own sanity recently. This track is further proof that nobody is alone. (Clive Bissell, Waco)

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