Singles Only 2021: Cold Hvnds – Riptide

Cold Hvnds – Riptide

Release Date: 8th January 2021

Genre: Punk Rock

Fresh out of North Carolina, USA, Cold Hvnds’ latest single “Riptide” truly lives up to its name as, like a riptide, it swiftly pulls you in. It starts off calmly with just the vocals before the riff kicks in and sweeps you away in the tide of the pulsating drum beat, resonant bass and the catchy vocal hooks. 

Cold Hvnds mixes elements of punk, alt-rock, hard rock, indie and post-hardcore but nothing ever feels clunky or out of place. It takes great skill to mix up so many elements and create something so cohesive and captivating and Cold Hvnds has done that perfectly.

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