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Change Is Upon Us – Unleashing The UK Underground

Last night Mind Noise Network was put to bed and today awoke Hardbeat. A new name, a new home and a new chapter where we plan to ‘Unleash The UK Underground’.

After nearly seven years it felt like change was due. This is more than just a change of name though. This is a change of direction and we will reveal more information about our plans for the coming weeks and months in the next few days. For now, know that this is the most exciting thing we have done…ever!

Our new name is inspired by the very thing we aim to help: The UK underground scene. In a time where the very existence of grassroots music is under threat due to incompetent leadership from those with little interest in it, we hope to provide an avenue of support. A way for the little guys to get seen and heard.

We have a strong group of writers, photographers and, most importantly, rock and metal enthusiasts at Hardbeat, but that’s not enough for us. We want to expand, allow people of all backgrounds to air their opinions. Rock and metal has long preached inclusivity and yet consistently fails to deliver that for women, people of colour, the LGBT+ and other minorities. We are a safe space where anyone can come and review, photograph, interview and create features on subjects of their choice and encourage you to join us if you want to get your opinions heard. Head here, to our contact page to get in touch.

With so many incredible bands we want to feature it’s going to be a busy year!

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