Interview: A Hundred Crowns

We recently spoke to Nottingham’s up and coming metalcore band, A Hundred Crowns. In this interview, we are going to talk about their upcoming single and how the pandemic is affecting them. We would be lying if I didn’t say that this interview took a complete 180 as during this video call we met everyone’s pets, babies and Cal was dressed up as Ali G! Make sure to get a drink, you’re going to need it with this lot.

First thing, How are we all doing?

All: We are all good just looking forward to going back to the pub.

Eddie (Guitar): What’s everyone drinking? I’ve got gin

James (Drummer): I’ve got a tinny

Cal (Guitar): Same

Joe & Adam: Water

*Interviewer Note: it was past 19:00 on a Friday, no alcoholics detected at this time*

How are you all coping in lockdown?

All: Bored

James: I’ve brought every PS4 game which I need to start playing but now I’m looking for a PS5

Adam (Bassist/Clean Vocals): I’ve become a hermit

Has anyone taken up a weird hobby yet?

James: I’ve become a professional floorer

Joe (Vocals): Our podcast has been taking off, continually in the top 10 and reached 1 million plays a year and had some big guests involved (check out The Retro Hour podcast here)

Cal: I’m continuing to learn about my new promotion

You’ve got a new single and video coming out this year for Ghost/In dreams which is exciting. Can you tell us the story behind the new song?

Adam: I could tell you the actual full nerdy concept but you wouldn’t want that.

Eddie: That’s exactly what she’s after.

Adam: Right okay well ‘Ghost’ is about a spirit being that is transmitting a message through time and space and then ’In Dreams’ is from both perspectives. The chorus is the ghost and the screaming is the villain, which is a collective of intergalactic space wizards and energy vampires.

‘Ghost’ is a very different sound than the rest of the EP. What was the reason for putting a soft melody into the mix?

Eddie: It was a nice contrast to the rest of the EP and feeds well into ‘In Dreams’ Also when we get to play it live it will have a nice break from new to old songs and help split up the set.

We have previously described ‘In dreams’ as ‘A haunting performance which is contrasted beautifully by clean vocals’ but if you were to describe the upcoming release in your own words, what words would you choose?

Eddie: Wizards delivering a message

Adam: No, the wizards aren’t delivering the message!

James: Psychedelic wizards going to planets to absorb them to fuel their spaceship

Do you have a set release date for the upcoming single?

Joe: Not currently but we’re hoping once restrictions are lifted we use the song to promote our up and coming shows when the time is right

How difficult have you been finding being a band that’s trying to release new music during a pandemic?

All: It’s not been hard releasing music as we had that ready before the pandemic it just being able to do something with it. It’s frustrating not being able to perform live and get people buzzing about our music

You haven’t had a chance to perform any of your latest EP ‘Horizon Bound’ yet. Do you have any exciting plans to change that this year? In terms of maybe live streams or socially distanced shows (if possible?)

James: We had plans for a socially distanced show but that, unfortunately, got cancelled and instead of getting our hopes up rearranging, we are just going to wait until everything in the clear

Cal: Yeah I’d rather wait till it’s safe for shows and then we can make the most of it

Eddie: I don’t think we’ve ever thought about live streaming because Cal & Adam can’t use technology

Joe: If we can we would like to do an all-day festival to showcase local bands as well

What’s the first thing you’ll do when the music world gets back to some normality?

Joe: Release more music and get back into performing.

Do you think it will be strange to get back on stage again?

All: No not at all, we’re buzzing to get back on stage and start performing again.

If you could give our readers one essential or one recommendation for something to do during lockdown what would that one thing be?

Joe: It sounds stupid but I’d say go for a walk every day and get out into a different environment. It’s nice to be in a different space especially when I work from home.

Are there any other bands that you think are thriving during these difficult times?

All: The Five Hundred and Haggard Cat

Adam: The local heroes have got to be Haggard Cat, that live steam they put out was amazing!

Closing Statements: (Without context)

Joe: “Mental health, covered it”

Adam: “Cider jug days”

James: “Fuck ‘em”

Eddie: “Give him some sweets and a pen, see what happens”

Cal: “Did you just get your arse out on camera?”

Needless to say, this was one of our funniest interviews to date. Remember to drink responsibly people.

You can find AHC on the following social media links:

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