New Lonely The Brave Lockdown Documentary

Not content with just releasing their long-awaited third album The Hope List on January 22nd, Lonely The Brave are also releasing ‘Keeper’, a fantastic documentary that lifts the lid on life within the band. It has been somewhat of a purple-patch for the band in terms of their output following a period of real change and transition, but the momentum only seems to be gathering as the five-piece embark on a new chapter.

In what has been a turbulent year for everyone, the footage follows each of the band members in their individual hometowns as they talk about their return, adjusting to a new line-up following the addition of Jack Bennett on vocals, and the realities of being a band in a pandemic. Lonely The Brave have defied the odds by releasing this album, and they want to show their loyal fanbase how grateful they are by providing an intimate insight into the band.

As well as juggling all that creating and releasing an album entails, both Mo and Bush are frontline NHS workers (the former an ambulance driver and the latter a nurse on COVID wards), putting them in a unique position of having genuine perspective on all that has unfolded. For Lonely The Brave fans this is a must-see, but it’s also for fans of the music scene in general, offering a rare glimpse behind the curtain. 

Check out the documentary, ‘Keeper’, available now.

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