Singles Only 2020: The Polaroid Notebook – I Hope You’re Happy

The Polaroid Notebook – I Hope You’re Happy

Release Date: 11th December 2020

Genre: Pop Punk

If you’re after a bucketload of sentimentality combined with a dreamy musical background that makes you want to call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while then The Polaroid Notebook’s latest effort is something you need in your life. From the very opening the quartet from Florida set out a stall that gets you just looking into the distance, not really focusing on anything.

From the harsher vocals that have echoes of a softer Touché Amoré to the ambient riffs, ‘ I Hope You’re Happy’ is a track that not only tries to get you thinking about those that you miss, but succeeds with an alarming amount of ease.

The emo Floridians tap into that part of your brain that makes you think ‘what if…?’ and then over the course of just under four-minutes is the soundtrack for your messing around in that fantasy land.

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