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Singles Only 2020: Fights – Psympathy

Fights – Psympathy

Release Date: 13th November 2020

Genre: Punk / Rock

If you listen to enough music, similar to studying other forms of art, you will start to see the hidden meaning in things. Words or images represent things that aren’t always obvious to the uninitiated. Fights aren’t fucking about with that though.

“Can you see me bleeding?, Can you you hear me screaming” and “help me through some shit” are just a couple of the lyrics that show Fights are being quite literal here in a song about needing help when discussing mental health. This sort of open honestly is something that a lot of people could benefit from knowing is an option.

‘Psympathy’ is a fun and energetic track that you can full on imagine having a pint in your hand when it starts and nothing in your hand 2-minutes later when it ends. Go and follow the band everywhere you can.

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