Singles Only 2020: DMC and the Hellraisers – Monster

DMC and the Hellraisers – Monster

Release Date: 30th October 2020

Genre: Rock / Rap

“Supergroup” is a term often thrown around with underwhelming results. Here’s one to sit up and take notice of. Rap legend Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (of Run-DMC fame) has joined forces with Life of Agony drummer Veronica Bellino, DJ Charlie Chan, and rock veterans David Filice and Rich Devletian, to create a thumping rap-rock tune full of gritty energy and authoritative breakdowns.

The DMC and the Hellraisers moniker was adopted in tribute to Run-DMCs Raising Hell album but a more fitting name would be difficult to come by. With Bellino offering up beautifully chilling hooks and McDaniels waxing lyrical about the terrifying demons we all battle inside our heads, ‘Monster’ has an uplifting message behind the gritty guitars and pounding drums: stay positive and things will get better.

This is a blistering debut by a band with the potential to take the rap-rock genre into a new golden age. With an EP to be released next year there’ll be guaranteed excitement to see what DCM and the Hellraisers do next.

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