Singles Only 2020: Lylyly – No Sleep

Lylyly – No Sleep

Release Date: 23rd October 2020

Genre: Garage Rock

When a band claims to be trying to splice The Buzzcocks, Kate Bush and Regina Spector it certainly raises and eyebrow with intrigue. Within seconds of ‘No Sleep’ those raised eyebrows are replaced with raised arms as the compulsion to dance along becomes impossible to resist.

As a track Lylyly have left things raw, unpolished. This just works perfectly as Emily Mineo’s vocals are imperfect throughout, in that sort of passionate and energetic manner.

It’s well known that you can go too far when being a perfectionist, but you can also go too far the other way and leave things too natural. Lylyly have found the perfect area for their talents to shine through and it’s further towards the latter.

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