Singles Only 2020: This Is Falling – Immovable

This Is Falling – Immovable

Genre: Metal

Release Date: 3rd July 2020

A comeback EP needs often has a lot to live up to, have the fans moved on? Is the style now ridiculed for being ‘uncool’? Do you as an artist give a shit? This Is Falling are lucky enough that they’re putting out music good enough for those questions to be utterly irrelevant.

‘Immovable’ is the final single from their latest EP, Reprise, and is strong enough to kick it off, let alone see it out. This is metal, mixed with a fair few other genres, rounded off with some big talent that makes those genres largely irrelevant.

From the opening few seconds to the last, ‘Immovable’ has a power and passion that a lot of bands could learn from. This is what 2020 needed.

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