Behind the scenes with: A Hundred Crowns


On set with MNN favourites, Nottingham based band A Hundred Crowns.

Still reeling from their incredible release of Horizon Bound, we were asked to join the band on set of their upcoming single In Dreams.

It was nice to be invited along to our first live music event in 6 months. Given 6 months has gone by and we’ve had no live music interaction at all, (Lead singer Joe even had a baby! Our biggest congratulations to his family) they played like they’ve never left the stage. I can also confirm they put the same amount of energy into their video shoots that they do on stage.

We are going to show you some behind the scenes photos of what those guys get up to on set. They have assured me that when they can get back on stage they will be back, bigger and better than ever.

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And you know as soon as that video lands we here at MNN will be hyping that up to the maximum.

Videographer: Andy Tatt| |Lighting: Lion Productions| |Photography: Rebecca Marshall

Bands Socials: Facebook|Instagram|Twitter


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