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Album Review: Yours Truly – Self Care


Release Date: 18/09/2020

Record Label: UNFD

For Fans Of: Stand Atlantic, Against The Current, We Are The In Crowd

There’s something so refreshing and exciting about a band emerging on the music scene; a freshness to their sound, tracks enriched with enthusiasm, and an initial rawness that can often fade as a band matures. Yours Truly’s debut album, Self Care, is all of those things; a modern, infectious blend of heart-warming songs, heart-breaking lyrics, and heart-pounding energy. 

Self Care is an album title that reflects what creating the album offered the band- an opportunity to heal, grow, and be themselves. Being thrust into the limelight came with its drawbacks for the band, who amongst endless touring, feelings of imposter syndrome, and bouts of anxiety, still had to tackle everyday, normal challenges; living, loving, and losing are hurdles that we all face. Creating the record allowed the group to experience a catharsis, an ability to understand themselves better, and to reflect on their journey to date. 

In a time where Australian bands such as Stand Atlantic and Hands Like Houses are enjoying global success, Yours Truly show on Self Care that they have the potential to be included in the same conversation as those heavyweights from down under. The four-piece are rocking out with their heart on their sleeve from start to finish with this record, and it creates an intoxicating, endearing intimacy between artist and listener. ‘Composure’ is one of those tracks, propelling itself into orbit at light speed despite carrying a great deal of emotional weight. This track feels as though lead singer, Mikaila Delgado, is shedding some of that baggage as the track progresses, as though the weight is lifting from her shoulders; a desperately needed release. ‘Funeral Home’ is bubbling under the surface with delicious, subtle pop hooks, managing to tackle loss in an almost playful manner. ‘Glass Houses’ is full to the brim with an array of sweet riffs, and a deliciously frantic tempo, combined with a rallying cry aiming to inspire and invoke positivity and resilience. 

Yours Truly hope that listeners find solace in listening to Self Care, that they relate to it on different levels, and that it inspires positivity and growth. ‘Ghost’ is an uplifting track with a chorus that will have the most rigid of crowds waving their arms from side to side in unison, but ‘Heartsleeve’ really hits the nail on the head with this. It’s an incredible anthem that is bursting at the seams with unrefined emotion, determination, and unrivaled passion. With every playthrough of the track, it feels increasingly deserving of an empowered audience singing every word back to the band from the top of their lungs.

Not content with exhilarating and empowering listeners, Self Care aims to charm as well. ‘Undersize’ is one of the standout tracks on the record, with Yours Truly demonstrating a gentler, subtler aspect of their band amongst a record of heavy hitters. A song about being there for friends when they’re going through a difficult time is pure in its intention and meaning, but this is even purer in its performance; flawless vocals, the softest instrumentals, interwoven with a delicate intricacy that is impossible not to fall in love with. ‘Half Of Me’ will crack even the most hardened of exteriors with its brutal honesty and the unforgiving dose of reality it delivers. Meanwhile, ‘Vivid Dream’ takes us on an enchanting journey that enthralls and delights, showcasing further dimensions to the band, as though they’re welcoming you into their life story with open arms. 

Yours Truly have been gaining momentum on the pop-punk scene and it’s fair to say that with the release of Self Care, there’s no chance of this slowing down. This is a record that radiates positivity despite some of the dark depths it delves into, leaves you feeling sky-high despite singing of the lowest lows, and leaves you feeling warm even in the coldest times. Yours Truly have produced an album that is proof itself that adversity can be triumphed over.

Rating: 8/10

Recommended Track: ‘Undersize’

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