Singles Only 2020: Bath Salt Zombies – Monster

Bath Salt Zombies – Monster

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 26th July 2020

Chugging in with some filthy ass riff we have Montreal based rockers Bath Salt Zombies, another entry into the ‘how weird and nonsensical can we make our name but still have it work somehow?’ Oscar category.

Fans of bands like Dinosaur Pile-Up will probably want to sit up and take notice here as the grunge infused track has energy pouring out of it from the very intro and just feels like the sort of song you want to hear live, knowing it is probably a song you would feel the bass rattle through your ribcage.

There is something very authentic about how dirty this track feels, about how you can feel the influences pouring out of it but not really put your finger on who they sound like. Get ready to lose control of your neck muscles listening to ‘Monster’.

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