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Album Review: The Human Veil – Fractures EP



Release date: 14th August 2020

Label: Self-released

For Fans Of: Silent Planet, Alpha Wolf, Make Them Suffer, Currents


It’s finally here. The long-awaited debut EP from Manchester quintet The Human Veil. Fractures extends their quality catalogue which has been made evident by previous singles, beginning with ‘Bury Your Head’ in 2018, then ‘Dark Planet’ and ‘Left Behind’ both being released the following year. This gave them a platform on which to build, bringing many a support slot at home alongside a debut tour with Borders and debut festival appearances at Tech Fest and Techabilitation. This was just the beginning for them.

A year on from that first festival appearance comes their first bulk body of music. It’s been in the works for some while now but has definitely been worth the wait. The announcement of the release in June with title track ‘Fractures’ has had the underground UK metal scene stirring.

Fractures has it all. As we’ve seen with previous singles, the band have set out their stall and have certainly found their musical identity. Frontman Matt Wall switches between a sharp vocal and singing which really works in putting across the emotional context behind the EP. Those trademark chugging riffs are prevalent throughout, particularly in ‘Faceless God’ and ‘8612’.

From a technical standpoint, the EP is spot on. A compelling mix of those chugs and gripping hooks are extremely appealing. The band add extra depth to their sound with the use of synths, showing us that they are adept when it comes to breaking out of that generic metalcore mould. However, like every great metalcore piece should have, there are pounding drums and hard drops. There is no beating about the bush with these songs. The Human Veil truly mean business.

Fractures shows us what The Human Veil are all about. It nails down their take on modern melodic metalcore and showcases the talent within their ranks. On this showing, the band are destined for great things, beginning right now.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended tracks: ‘Faceless God, ‘8612’, ‘A Thousand Crows’

The Human Veil are: Matt Wall – vocals; Jack Bailes – guitar; Adam Welch – guitar; Jordon Lambourne – bass; Sam Hughes – drums

Find The Human Veil on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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