Singles Only 2020: Flintlock Rifles – Baffled

Flintlock Rifles – Baffled

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 3rd July 2020

British rockers Flintlock Rifles have done their best to write a song here that is relateable for just about everyone that has ever had a relationship. ‘Baffled’ is the story of a partner being all loved up when in your presence but cold and absent when around other people.

With tones of early 00’s indie, ‘Baffled’ is a bit more upbeat than the subject matter feels like it should be but that hides the darker tone of the lyrics pretty well. Focusing on how it can turn into an obsession, this track as the feeling of a very personal song for sure.

Give the track a listen here and don’t be put off by the rather abrupt conclusion to it. Though maybe that is for good reason.

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