Singles Only 2020: Imposters – Molotov Cocktail

Imposters – Molotov Cocktail

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date: 4th July 2020

Released just a few weeks ago after being entirely recorded in lockdown, Unlawful Assembly is the fifth album recorded by New York trio Imposters, though only the 2nd under that moniker after a few albums under the name Break Down The Walls.

‘Molotov Cocktail’ is the third song on Unlawful Assembly but really the track on the album that truly exemplifies what Imposters are about. The dirty, fuzzy riffs are reminiscent of the UK’s very own Puppy and there are similarities vocally too.

This is slow paced, alt-rock at its finest right here and Imposters are a band that keep delivering, even after 3 albums in 15 months under two different names.

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